Thursday, July 10, 2008

The new bloggy blog

Its official...i've started a "for real" art blog. I'm sorry for those of you not on Imeem or myspace for not publishing here up until now....but better late than never here it is, and i plan to keep up with it too. Its "The Official BLOG." :)

First off, i want to let everyone know that i'm both nervous and excited getting ready for the upcoming art show at Ad Hoc Art Gallery. July 25th :: visit
Also - email if you're interested in the private preview event on July 24th. From what i understand, they throw some great parties and events and have DJs at all of their openings. I'm siked to see how it goes!


I've been getting alot of emails these past weeks and i'm sorry if i haven't responded, i've just been in my cave getting ready. I am nervous and excited as ever, as i am new to New York, and so, this will be my first show there of more than one painting. Please come and say hello if you're in the area!


I'm putting last minute touches on paintings, and framing them this week. Tomorrow is packing and shipping day, and so i'm a little sad as my house is so full with work right now, and next week it'll be empty again. Some pictures for you of the ole apartment. I hope to see you in New York should you have time to come.


Amy Crehore will be in the show too, and she and I have been emailing a little bit and i'm excited to meet her in a few weeks since i've been a fan of her work for some time.

Much love, and more - likely very soon since i don't have any looming painting deadlines at the moment.

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