Tuesday, December 30, 2008

View from the studio (my kitchen)
December 29th, 2008

Its been over three months since my last post, please forgive me oh blog gods. Its just days away from the New Year and there are so many things to reflect on this past year! Alot of travel (Philippines, New York and Miami for Basel), alot of painting, and in general i have to say its been an amazing year.

This past couple of months have been busy. I visited my friend Christopher Michel who has one of my oldest pieces out there that i made on found wood a number of years ago. The piece is in his house along with one other newer painting.

I also just finished six new paintings that were recently sent to New York. My house is empty again and i'm ready for the New Year, new directions, new explorations.

Finding myself really interested in old advertising for tobacco worldwide more recently. Its interesting to me how mass media and popular culture can drive trade and commodity to me. Maybe there will come a time where we all have the opportunity to be self-directed in our decisions, and things are not so fed to us, maybe 2009 is that time.

Some images from recent research that has inspired recent pieces:













Friday, September 5, 2008


I started a 96 inch tall painting last week, toiling away painting it day and night these past days, finding myself wondering why it's going so slow. :) That along with the fact that its a bloody hot Indian summer here in San Francisco doesn't help much.

Here's the image of the unfinished board. It doesn't even fit the height of my place. Settling in, to the larger size has been a nice transition.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Inspired by...


One of my all time favorite paintings....
The Gold Scab

The writings of Anais Nin...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life is but a circus...

There are times in our lives where we feel stretched beyond measure, times where we aren’t sure where the road leads, or why we are where we are. Its in those moments that we are most stretched that we push beyond what we originally believed to be true, and its in those moments that we find the most memorable moments of our life.

I have a painting that doesn’t event fit the height of our apartment leaned against my kitchen wall right now. In fact, I’m not even sure how I got it into the apartment, if only to say “very carefully.”

I had many resources to draw on this summer for inspiration. There was a huge fire in Big Sur that wiped out much of the countryside there, and almost burned down a friend’s home. There is the upcoming election, probably one of the most memorable presidential elections in history coming in just a few months. There was the Olympics held in Beijing in the face of the oppression of Tibetans. In my own life, thought it seems trivial, there are always the daily struggles of being an artist in a major city coupled with trying to do the right thing and to take care of those closest to me.

Life is and continues to a beautiful circus, equipped with sad and happy faces, face paint, tricycles, merry go-rounds, and ferris wheels. Sometimes i sit, while the world spins around me, and think, isn't this amazing. Thank you to those who have been on this ride with me. Snapshots from the lab coming soon...
Hope to see you at my upcoming shows in either New York or San Francisco.
more info at my website under "upcoming"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Sur Wildfire

A friend just sent me pictures of his dad's home by the ocean in Big Sur. Some of you might have heard about the horrible wildfires that struck across California last month. Its amazing the house didn't get taken along with it. Hoping to drop down there for a visit this fall to make some artwork...more on this soon. I've always wanted to spend some time in Big Sur.

Claus Gorge owned this home up until his death last november. Why is this guy so important that i write about him? I'm not too sure, except that i have found myself immediately curious about this man, and his life in Big Sur. What's exciting is that i have not had the opportunity to understand another artists' life lived by actually getting to spend time in the place where they lived their life, and to perhaps stand one day in the shoes of a man who has many stories to tell. I'm honored to be invited to this place, to this home.

His son, Justin, is a friend of mine, and has welcomed me to get to know the life of his dad by seeing his body of art down at the house this Fall, to read his journals, and to generally spend some time creating my own artwork in the pristine environment Big Sur has to offer. Here are a few images that Justin sent me. The fire almost reached the house....lucky for us it went back down the hillside.


More on this project soon....in the meantime, i'm still painting and getting ready for Open Studios in San Francisco. I plan to position the work as references to these wildfires here in California, the detruction they bring with them, and the new vibrancy that comes afterward, new growth out of the ashes of our burned past. Its also a metaphorical reference to personal struggles i've had more recently, and clearing away the old to make room for the new. Another mandala in life.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Calvary of the Tanners

I've found myself in a departure back to old Flemish paintings after a three day visit from some out of town friends. They took me back, when i least had expected it.

On Edo.....sigh....

I attempted the Edo Flower studies in acrylic, and actually found myself a little wanting afterward. The reference imagery i was working from were moreso woodblock prints, and in that regard, weren't challenging enough on the acrylic painting side, and very "blocky," so now i'm moving on a bit to more developed paintings of hands. My hope is to really start focusing in on painting bones and flesh, and to dive deep into old Flemish pieces. Now that the boys are gone, there'll be alot more time to myself in the coming 6-8 weeks as i have to get ready for Open Studios here in San Francisco.

Here are some fleshy-boney hand paintings i found along the way. My friend Brett Amory, an artist here in San Francisco, has been talking with me alot about cools and warms when doing figurative work, and also, after my friend's stay here with me in SF, and his apparent love affair with oils, i've been thinking about starting to work with them, but don't really feel myself so drawn to them. I'm actually more inclined to go back to gouache, or even better yet attempt egg tempera.

More soon....



Saturday, August 2, 2008

Edo and Postman Pat

Hello friends.
Last year i spent alot of time developing color palette, and also in study of the German silhouette film artist Lotte Reiniger. I mostly fell in love with silhouette film work because it embodied those things that i found fascinating about my childhood watching clay-mation type cartoons like Postman Pat in England. (circa 1980)

But today, i want to look to other influences that have always been there but i've never really addressed, one being early japanese manga, woodblock prints, and learning how to incorporate those styles even more to my work. I also find it interesting to look at the turn of the century and how there was a strong non-verbal dialog between european artists and asian art, and how i believe we are witnessing a "NEO-Japonisme" of today, or a new "Japonisme" of today.

A picture of Hiroshige, and a similar painting by Van Gogh
inspired by Hiroshige


So with that, i'm starting to witness this in myself more and more, and i will be looking at artists of the Edo period such as Katsushika Hokusai, Hiroshige,Katsukawa Shunshō, Kanō Masanobu, and many more i'll be researching in the coming weeks. I am finding it particularly interesting to study flowers in their works and also metaphoric meanings in dreams of tidal waves and its relation to spiritual realms.

Some images from the Edo period....
The Great Wave off Kanagawa


I recently finished three new pieces for an upcoming show at Opera Gallery this fall, and begin now, on my body of work for Open Studios in San Francisco. This is a departure, as it was last year too, for me, in that, i plan to delve into a study of Hokusai flowers for a bit. Not sure how many paintings i'd like to do yet, but i find his works amazing, beautiful, and iconographic in many ways.

I also, want to take a step away from painting people over these next few paintings, develop my skillsets in other areas, and focus my detailing on other objects but still maintaining color palettes and techniques found this summer. Doing all this, as a study, so that i might incorporate this learned and developed styling into future paintings, landscapes, and exploring all this within continuing to work with acrylic paint.

Much love friends....to anyone reading.. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sneak Preview of New Works

For my upcoming show can be found on my website at www.jennporreca.com
under portfolio and "5 Identities, 5 Destinations"

For more information, please contact andrew@adhocart.org

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The new bloggy blog

Its official...i've started a "for real" art blog. I'm sorry for those of you not on Imeem or myspace for not publishing here up until now....but better late than never here it is, and i plan to keep up with it too. Its "The Official BLOG." :)

First off, i want to let everyone know that i'm both nervous and excited getting ready for the upcoming art show at Ad Hoc Art Gallery. July 25th :: visit www.adhocart.org
Also - email andrew@adhocart.org if you're interested in the private preview event on July 24th. From what i understand, they throw some great parties and events and have DJs at all of their openings. I'm siked to see how it goes!


I've been getting alot of emails these past weeks and i'm sorry if i haven't responded, i've just been in my cave getting ready. I am nervous and excited as ever, as i am new to New York, and so, this will be my first show there of more than one painting. Please come and say hello if you're in the area!


I'm putting last minute touches on paintings, and framing them this week. Tomorrow is packing and shipping day, and so i'm a little sad as my house is so full with work right now, and next week it'll be empty again. Some pictures for you of the ole apartment. I hope to see you in New York should you have time to come.


Amy Crehore will be in the show too, and she and I have been emailing a little bit and i'm excited to meet her in a few weeks since i've been a fan of her work for some time. www.amycrehore.com

Much love, and more - likely very soon since i don't have any looming painting deadlines at the moment.