Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Sur Wildfire

A friend just sent me pictures of his dad's home by the ocean in Big Sur. Some of you might have heard about the horrible wildfires that struck across California last month. Its amazing the house didn't get taken along with it. Hoping to drop down there for a visit this fall to make some artwork...more on this soon. I've always wanted to spend some time in Big Sur.

Claus Gorge owned this home up until his death last november. Why is this guy so important that i write about him? I'm not too sure, except that i have found myself immediately curious about this man, and his life in Big Sur. What's exciting is that i have not had the opportunity to understand another artists' life lived by actually getting to spend time in the place where they lived their life, and to perhaps stand one day in the shoes of a man who has many stories to tell. I'm honored to be invited to this place, to this home.

His son, Justin, is a friend of mine, and has welcomed me to get to know the life of his dad by seeing his body of art down at the house this Fall, to read his journals, and to generally spend some time creating my own artwork in the pristine environment Big Sur has to offer. Here are a few images that Justin sent me. The fire almost reached the house....lucky for us it went back down the hillside.

More on this project the meantime, i'm still painting and getting ready for Open Studios in San Francisco. I plan to position the work as references to these wildfires here in California, the detruction they bring with them, and the new vibrancy that comes afterward, new growth out of the ashes of our burned past. Its also a metaphorical reference to personal struggles i've had more recently, and clearing away the old to make room for the new. Another mandala in life.

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