Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Calvary of the Tanners

I've found myself in a departure back to old Flemish paintings after a three day visit from some out of town friends. They took me back, when i least had expected it.

On Edo.....sigh....

I attempted the Edo Flower studies in acrylic, and actually found myself a little wanting afterward. The reference imagery i was working from were moreso woodblock prints, and in that regard, weren't challenging enough on the acrylic painting side, and very "blocky," so now i'm moving on a bit to more developed paintings of hands. My hope is to really start focusing in on painting bones and flesh, and to dive deep into old Flemish pieces. Now that the boys are gone, there'll be alot more time to myself in the coming 6-8 weeks as i have to get ready for Open Studios here in San Francisco.

Here are some fleshy-boney hand paintings i found along the way. My friend Brett Amory, an artist here in San Francisco, has been talking with me alot about cools and warms when doing figurative work, and also, after my friend's stay here with me in SF, and his apparent love affair with oils, i've been thinking about starting to work with them, but don't really feel myself so drawn to them. I'm actually more inclined to go back to gouache, or even better yet attempt egg tempera.

More soon....




Blood Milk said...

I'm interested in the first portrait. I love the muted/warm colors. I love gouache, it's my favorite medium next to colored pencil. Oils are so beautiful and have such an interesting history, I always think of alchemy when I think of oil paint.......(but the smell would be terrible in the house and I'm so impatient!) I hope you are well, I like this new blog.

Jenn Porreca said...

hey there jess!
thanks so much for finding me here. Slowly, the trickle from myspace is happening. Its nice to have a spot for random musings.

Gouache :: i had a torrid affair with gouache for many years, and have made many paintings with it, but at the end of the day didn't feel like it could stand the test of time, which was part of the appeal...the apparent decay over time, the almost instantaneous cracking of the paint. I was almost immediately in love with the medium. One that surely came from another time. Perhaps i'll venture back sometime soon.

Oils on the other hand. I think they're beautiful as well, but the smell is wretched for me, and i'm allergic to them. asthma.