Monday, July 6, 2009

In a time...

James Jean recently wrote in his blog that "courage is nothing but the absence of shame." I wonder - is courage the absence of shame or is it just a compelling force of something that needs to be done, has to happen, a destiny to just go, do, and be regardless of fear.

Its been a busy summer, a busy year, and lately i've spent most of my time at home and immersed in painting, exploring new techniques, staring out down Turk Blvd. to the sea. Sometimes i find myself wondering how this time came to be. It all moves so fast, much like a movie, and sooner or later its the closing credits.

I'm excited to say that my show "Music Boxes for the Mini Cinema" will be opening soon at Billy Shire Fine Art in Los Angeles on August 8th. The paintings are finished and i'll be framing in the next week or two. Please let me know by email if you are interested to see the preview and i'll do my best to get it to you.

More soon from the city of fog and sea...

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